• MB-DLE 415 B01 S20

The Dungs MB-DLE 415 B01 S20 Gas Multiblock is an advanced and reliable safety and control device designed for industrial gas burner systems. Built by Dungs, a reputable manufacturer known for its cutting-edge technology, this multiblock ensures the safe and efficient operation of gas burners in a wide range of applications.

With its precision engineering and robust construction, the MB-DLE 415 B01 S20 guarantees optimal performance and longevity. The multiblock serves as a crucial component that regulates the flow of gas to the burner, offering precise control and seamless modulation to achieve desired heating outputs. This contributes to enhanced energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

Safety is paramount in any gas application, and the MB-DLE 415 B01 S20 incorporates numerous safety features to safeguard the burner system and surrounding environment. It includes flame supervision, gas pressure monitoring, and electrical interlocks to prevent hazardous situations, ensuring the system automatically shuts down in case of any anomalies.

The device boasts a user-friendly design, making installation and maintenance straightforward for technicians and operators alike. Its compact and space-efficient design allows for seamless integration into various gas burner configurations, providing flexibility in application.

The MB-DLE 415 B01 S20 Gas Multiblock complies with industry standards and regulations, giving users peace of mind about its performance and reliability. Additionally, Dungs' reputation for quality and customer support further ensures the product's excellence and durability.

Whether used in industrial processes, heating systems, or commercial applications, the Dungs MB-DLE 415 B01 S20 Gas Multiblock is a trusted solution for efficient, safe, and precise control of gas burners, making it an indispensable component for any modern gas-based heating system.

Maximum operating pressure 360
Pressure setting range 4-20
Nominal diameter Rp 1 1/2

MB-DLE 415 B01 S20

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